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Remodel your existing pool and spa by using one of the many new finishes that are available, such as StoneScapes pebble, QuartzScapes, or Beadcrete! To learn how affordable any of these options can be, Contact us and we will gladly answer all your remodeling questions. Take a look at the wide range of pool finishes that are available today to transform your existing pool and turn it into a soothing blue oasis or even a black lagoon. If you prefer earth-friendly, serene colors, those are available too. You don’t need to stop with the surface though. Is your tile looking a little worn and dated? There are several beautiful options to choose from. We start with natural slate and stone, or possibly a deco tile is more in line with what you like. If you don’t like either of those, then maybe hand-poured glass tile will better reflect your personality. Now that you’ve addressed the needs of your pool, what about the coping and deck? Many new and beautiful options await you here, as well. We offer natural stone, pavers, travertine, or stamped concrete in many colors and designs.

Stages of Construction


With your approved design we will lay out the pool and begin excavation. The time frame is usually 1-3 days depending on the size of your pool, the grade, and whether dirt removal is necessary. Construction begins during this phase using heavy equipment as needed and necessary.


Re-bar is the next step. Your pool will have 3/8” steel tied on 12” squares throughout the pool. The steel will look like a grid suspended off the ground with blocks. The walls go on next. The beams will have re-bar number 4, and for any pool over 8 feet, we will use double re-bar in the deep end to meet code.


Trenches are dug and the plumbing is laid using schedule 40 PVC pipe. The lines are buried according to code. Pool filtration equipment is installed at this time. All pool equipment is air pressurized to ensure there are no leaks.


Different counties have different codes. We will secure all necessary permits before work begins. We will call for inspections at each phase of construction as dictated by your county. The inspection waiting period may take several days. This is beyond our control due to inspectors schedules that are dictated by the county.


We use premixed shotcrete, 4000 psi. Shotcrete contains cement, sand, and rock, and is sprayed on pneumatically with a concrete pump and high air pressure. Shotcrete provides an enduring shell, as opposed to gunite, which is made of cement and sand but is not applied with high pressure.


We have a large selection of pool tile to choose from, including amazingly beautiful glass tile. Your coping choice may be traditional bull nose safety grip, natural stone, travertine, or cantilever. Whatever your style, we’re sure to have something to please you. The choices and combinations are almost endless!


All underground utilities require city inspections. You may have to upgrade your existing gas meter with one that is sufficient to match your increased needs should you choose to have a pool heater and/or gas-operated outdoor chimney or kitchen.


A steel bonding grid will be placed around your pool, 3 feet from the coping, and attached with a copper wire that will be grounded to your pool equipment. This is to provide safety during electrical storms.


Your pool deck will be laid out per your specifications and poured upon your approval. You will have several choices such as natural stone, travertine, stamped concrete, pavers, brushed concrete, or a soothing cool deck.


Most counties require a 5-foot fence surrounding the pool area with a self-latching key lock. We will provide you with a quote for a fence from any material you choose, whether it be traditional wood or aluminum.


You will have a choice of traditional white plaster, colored plaster, quartz, pebble (regular or mini), or even a glass bead finish. All finishes are made of natural products so variations will occur in any surface chosen. We are sure to have a surface that you will love for many years to come.


Bringing over 40 years of experience, our sister company Peach State Pool Service will provide a full start-up following the National Plasters Council guidelines.


We will provide one hour of “pool school” to show you how to operate your pool equipment. Feel free to take notes so that you can refer to them when you begin servicing the pool yourself.


Should you decide that you would rather just “swim” in the refreshing blue water rather than “sink” in the chores of cleaning and maintaining your beautiful new pool, contact our sister company, Peach State Pool Service, to provide weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance.

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